ColumbusMakesIT! (CMI) is a Creativity and Entrepreneurship center that provides the education, tools, technology and mentoring that support activities to encourage and inspire people to Learn IT, Make IT, Live IT and Love IT!

  • NEW!!  We’ve upgraded our Rabbit Laser USA Laser cutter to 60 watts!  It was a QX-40-6040, but now, thanks to Maker-Engineer, Ray Scott, we’ve been fully refurbished and upgraded to a more powerful 60 watt CO2 laser!  
  • Are you an Entrepreneur?  If you are interested in being a part of the region’s newest StartUp Accelerator, the RiverCity Foundry, click here!

We are a makerspace where Art, Technology, and good old fashioned Trade Skills intersect and create educational and economic opportunities for individuals and the community.

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Columbus Makes IT is a non-Profit Educational Outreach program.

ColumbusMakesIT is a donor and member supported non-profit educational outreach organization that accepts donations of funding and materials to help people learn how to make and create, build skills, and grow the regional economy.   People like you make this possible and are also afforded the tax benefits of donating to an IRS 501(c)(3) organization.

We are located across the street from the Coca-Cola Space Science Center in the heart of Columbus GA.   Stay updated on our progress as we build the new location and create the innovation experience Columbus, GA has been waiting for.