Design  & Development Tools

  • 16 networked PC, Windows (3),  Mac (1) and Linux computers
  • Microsofft Office compatible software, Adobe Reader
  • Highspeed WIFI Internet, Multiple color inJket and laser printers.
  • Best-in-class open-source design & development, desktop publishing
    • Arduino Studio, Android Studio
  • 2- & 3-D Design, CAD/CAM tools
    • Easel, SketchUp!, Inkscape, Eagle

Mechatronic Microcontrollers and More!

  • Pimp your PC and Mod your ‘Bot!  VEX, Tetrix and FIRST Robotics
  • Prototype with over 150,000+ LEGOs and Little-Bits
  • RC Quadcopters, Drones and ROVs
  • Arduinos, Raspberry PIs, starter kits, shields and more
  • Soldering Station, electrical supplies & components

Modern Fashion, wearables and embedded computers

  • Adafruit wearables, LEDs and pixel rings, strings and buttons
  • Sewing Machines, threads, buttons, fabrics
  • Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter

21st Century Manufacturing Tools

Full Woodshop with power tools, and usable pallet woodstock

  • Lathe, Belt and Disc Sander, Drill Press, Jointer/Planer.
  • Table Saw, Radial Arm Saw, Power Saws, Compound Mitre Saws.

Planned Expansion in 2016!

  • Upgrade Laser to 60-watt!
  • Add Ceramics / Wheel throwing / Pottery / Kiln
  • Dedicated Offices / Additional Co-working Space
  • Thermoplastics / Cosplay / Injection Molding and Vacuforming
  • Large Scale 4’x8’ CNC Milling Machine
  • Laser Welder / MIG/TIG Welding & Other Metallurgy

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